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Riding with these elements of nature gives you an experience like no other, especially in this region of New Zealand. 



Hone ( aka John) is an accomplished horseman and long time resident of the Tongariro district where he was born and raised. Breeding, training and riding horses are what he knows best. Horses and the natural elements are his passion. Hone has earned respect among peers for animal handling and for his determination to support animal welfare as a strong advocate. 


He has been a farm manager, wrangler and rider for years, assisting various motion picture productions including 10,000 BC, Warriors Way and The Hobbit. Hone has also used his skills and experience to help wayward youth better appreciate the power of natural elements and how to respect their environment. 


As a tourism operator we are responsible for your safety.


The horses are well trained, the tack (saddles and harnesses) well maintained and you will be provided with helmets.

Your cooperation will be appreciated on this subject of safety as riders do tend to get a little enthusiastic and occasionally have been known to compromise their safety despite the cautions offered.


First aid will be on hand along with a satellite radio in the event of an emergency as we will be riding in some very remote areas.


Please also note our suggested preparations to ensure you enjoy your experience with us.


Photography and video can be captured, edited and compiled for you by separate arrangement. To capture or shoot the material is one aspect. Video compilations take a few days and will vary in cost based on the amount of material shot and the duration of the clip. Prices are discussed on a case by case basis with our Productions Manager.


Dress and provide for changing conditions. Long pants avoid chaffing, hiking boots or shoes with heals ensure stirrup stability, a light top, jersey or good jacket as well as water, insect repellent and sunscreen. We provide your lunch for the day as well as wet weather gear.


All extra gear is compacted into saddle bags.

Overnight treks require the same attire, you will just need light but warm sleeping attire. We provide all your food and a sleeping bag.


Our guide takes the company camera on every trek, but you are welcome to bring your own. NB Cell phone coverage is often marginal if there is any at all. Any suggestion of hunting will require licenses and permissions to be obtained in advance.

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