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If you would like to share your experience, please do.

We love feedback and our new customers would surely like to know!

We've made it to the top of the list on New Zealand's official tourism website!  

Here's the link

"What a sensational experience. We did the two day High Plains ride.

Thanks, Hone, we'll be coming back!"


"All the way from Switzerland, we found the holiday we will never forget.
It was truly special for my husband and me, and the photographs tell it all."


“Such an amazing time... I can't thank John and Gio enough for sharing their love of horse and the land they have so much incredible access to. You've got to try this...ANYONE!!! It's incredible."

HEATHER and 'THE GALS' from Auckland

"I have travelled the world to see some spectacular places, but nothing like this. My wife wanted to ride, I didn't. Imagine...I'm 58 years old and I have worked in Hong Kong for 14 years. But John gave me the confidence I never thought I had. Nor did I have such a sore backside as I did the next day. Not his fault, I didn't want to stop!"


"I wanted to check this out. I am also a tourism operator and I thought my clients might like this if it's good enough. It certainly is! Congratulations John!"

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